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Letter of 75 professors, journalists,writers and political activist to UNESCO Director about Khaza'al's palace destruction -

The Honorable Ms. Irina Bokova, United Nations Education, Sceintific and Cultural Organization,  Director-General.

We are writing to inform you of the destruction of an historical palace in Iran, which was registered by the Organisation of Historical Heritage (No. 2845).
The palace was built in 1917 by Sheikh Khaza’al, the last Ahwazi sheikh of Mohammara, now known as ‘Khorramshahr’. The demolition represents the destruction of an important part of ethnic Ahwazi Arab history and identity. It comes in the context of the Persianisation of a region that was for a long time known as Arabistan (renamed ‘Khuzestan’), with any element of Arab culture eradicated including place names and monuments.
We call on UNESCO, as an international organisation responsible for protecting historical sites, to condemn the demolition of Sheik Khaza’al’s palace and ensure that any such demolition action will not be repeated on any other monuments of national and historical importance to Ahwazi Arabs.
 Signed by:
Dr.RezaBaraheni, Iranian Poet and Novelist.Canada
Mr.Amar Tasaie, Iranian (Ahwazi Arab) Journalist.
Mr.YousefAzizi,Executive Secretary,Centure for Combating Racism &Discrimnation against Arabs in Iran.
Mr.Karim Abdian,Ph.D. Executive Director, Ahwazi Education & Human Rights Foundation.
Mr.Ali Altaie,Ph.D. Shaw University, USA.
Dr.SedighehAdalati, Socioligist and Human Rights Activist, Germany.
Mr.AbdolhadiTorfi,Iranian (Ahwazi Arab)
Jurnalist,Alarabiya TV.
Mr.HamedKenani, Iranian (Ahwazi Arab) Poet&Journalist.
Dr.Zia Sadr al Ashrafi,Azarbaijan Cultural Society.
Mr.Jaber Ahmad – Iranian (Ahwazi Arab) Writer and journalist
Dr.AliGharajelou,Human Rights Activist, Canada.
Mr.Azad Moradian, Human Rights Activist, USA.
Mr.M. RizaHeyet, Editor-in-Chief, VarliqMagazine, Turkey.
Ali PorAli, editor-in-cheif of Heyderbaab Newspaper, Canada.
Mr.Hassan Tamjidi,Theatre Director                    
Mr.KawaAhangari, Kurdish-Iranian Human Rights Activist, Belgium.
Mr.AlirzaJavanbakht, Azerbaijani Journalist andHuman Rights Activist, Canada
Dr ManafSababi, Chairman of AZERCemiyyet.
Mr.Amir Mardani,Speaker of Iranian Azerbaijani Students Movement
Mr.EnsafaliHedayat, Independent Azeri-Iranian Journalist
Mr.ArifKeskin, Azarbaijani Researcher
Mr.Kouthar Al Ali, Iranian (Ahwazi Arab)Publisher
Dr AlirezaAsgharzadeh, Sociologist, York University, Canada
Mr.BabakBakhtavar, South Azerbaijani, Human Rights Activist
Mr.AlirezaFarshiDizajyekan - University Professor and Literary Journalist
Ms.SimaDidar, Azarbaijani Journalist and Translator
Mr. BabaekHabibiNoruzlu,AzerbijanianActivist andEditor of Araznews.
Mr.AlirzaArdabili,  Editorof Tribun Journal, Sweden.
Mr.Ali Moeini, Union of Iranian UniversitiyGradutes( Sazmaneadvartahkimvahdat)
Mr.MahmodBilgin, Azerbaijani Activist,Sweden
Ms.AfsaneSulduzi, AzerbaijanianActivist
Ms.RubabeTagizade, AzerbaijanianActivist, Sweden.
Ms.HashimBilgin, Azerbaijani Activist, Sweden.
Mr.NaserBagierOglu, Azerbaijani Activist
Ms.AydaKerimli, AzerbaijaniAcctivist
Mr.FuadKerimli,  AzerbaijaniActivist
Ms.SolmazEleyiqizi,  AzerbaijaniActivist
Mr.Calal Safer Oglu, Azerbaijani Activist
Ms.JilaGolanbar, Kurdish Feminist Activist, Iran.
Mr.ShahnazGholami, Iranian (Azerbaijani) Journalist, France.
Mr.VahidQarabagli,Association for Defence of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners in Iran (ADAPP),Canada

Mr.AlirezaSarrafi, AzerbaijaniWriter&Journalist,Iran

Mr.Saied Naeimi,AzerbaijaniPolitical Activist, Iran
Mr.Nadir Ghazanfari, PhD candidate in Physics
Ms.Haifa Asadian,Iranian (Ahwazi Arab) Activist
Mr.Mahdi Hashemi, Iranian (Ahwazi Arab) Statistician
Dr.MiroAaliyar, Kurdish-Iranian Human Rights Activist
Mr.Nahidkheirabi, Journalist, Iran
Mr.Mahdi Naimi, Turkish-Azeri Teacher
Mr.YunesShameli, Researcher and Journalist,Sweden.
Mr.HosseinHardan,Iranian (Ahwazi-Arab) Civil RightsActivist,Germany
Mr.MousaMazidi,Iranian (Ahwazi Arab) Civil Rights Activist,Germany
Mr.Nasser Haidari, Ahwazi-Arab Lawyer and Poet and lawyer,Sweden
Ms.Ghazal Jahanshah, Civil Service Manager,Iran
Mr.JamilWadi,Iranian (Ahwazi Arab)Poet,UK
Mr.JasemAsadi,Iranian (Ahwazi Arab) Professor
Mr.AydinYenilmez, AzerbaijaniWriter and Poet
Mr.MohamadAzadgar, First Secretary, Azerbaijan Federal Democrat Movement
Mr.Ahmad Mirzaie, Human Rights Activist, Iran
Mr.NouriHamzi,Iranian (Ahwazi Arab) Journalist
Mr.Adnan Salman,Iranian (Ahwai Arab) Political Activist    
Mr.Mohammad AlJaber, Ahwazi Human RightsOrganisation (AHRO), UK    
Mr.Ali  Mokhtari, ‘FadaeyanAksariyat’ Political Organization
Mr. KavehKermanshahi, Feminist and Human RightsActivist, Iran
Ms.Mariam Rahmani, Feminist Activist, Iran 
Dr. M.R. Husseinbor, Attorney and Iranian Baluchi Activist, USA
Mr. Alirteza Nazmi-Afshar, Azarbaijan Diplomatic
Ms.Salimeh Fotoohi, Iranian (Ahwazi Arab) Author, UK
Ms.Hanan Azizi, Iranian (Ahwazi Arab) Journalist, UK
Ms.Elham Latifi, Iranian (Ahwazi Arab) feminist and Human Rights activist, Belgum  
Ms. Behjat Taei, Iranian (Ahwazi Arab) Journalist, Norway
Ms.Nada Youssef, Iraqi Poet,Norway
Mr.Thamer Khalil, Iraqi Musician,Norway
Mr. Mansour Rajih: Yamani Wirter,Norway
Mr. John Vodestav: Norwigian Journalist

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